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Spandex Lycra Chair Covers

Spandex Lycra Chair Covers, Create an elegance atmosphere that will remembered for years. They cover the entire chair, so you can’t see the legs of the chair and Includes elasticated reinforced foot pockets.

The spandex chair covers are mostly used for banquet chairs in restaurants, hotels, banquets, parties, weddings, etc.

How to Care: Hand wash, dry cleaners only. Do not bleach
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At Duta Anugrah, we offer many different types of chair covers which are suitable for wedding, banquet, party, meeting, ceremony or other occasions.  All sorts of size and colors available.

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Spandex Lycra Chair Sash Bands

Spandex is a very stretchy material, which will return to its original form when no longer being stretched. Fabric has about a 66% stretch ability.

Spandex band, lycra band, spandex sash, lycra chair sash,metallic spandex band, soft and very smooth. Color: 75 colors to choose from. White, Black, Ivory, Coffee, Green, Red, Blue, and so on.

elastis-spandex-lycraSashes-spandex-lycraSashes-spandex-lycra-blackSashes-spandex-lycra-ivorychair-cover-sashesCream spandex sashesBlack spandex sashes