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Saten Fabric

Satin atau orang bilang Saten adalah jenis kain yang ditenun dengan menggunakan teknik serat filamen sehingga memiliki ciri khas permukaan yang mengkilap dan licin. Untuk Bagian dalam atau belakang permukaan satin sebaliknya tidak licin dan tidak mengkilap atau berwarna dop.

Bahan satin adalah tren terbaru yang sedang diminati. Eksplorasinya semakin tak terbatas. Satin yang baik sangatlah halus, tipis dan terasa adem di kulit. Satin yang baik akan jatuh dengan indah, tidak menggantung atau berkerut-kerut.

Saten  Colours.


Damask Fabric,   Lotto fabric,   Lycra fabric

Damask Fabric

The Elegant World of Linen.
Damask is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving. Damask weaves are commonly produced in monochromatic (single-colour) weaves in silk, linen or linen-type synthetic fabrics which feature patterns of flowers, fruit, and other designs.

Damask weaves appear most commonly in table linens, but also in clothing and furnishings.  A damask pattern is very popular for events and parties.

Fabric Damask Colours

Batiks Fabric Napkins

Batik Fabric Napkins, Batik fabrics are made following a centuries old tradition. Batik mean “wax written”. These unique, hand-crafted Batik Fabric will add a special touch to your home decor.

A napkins is a rectangle of cloth used at the table for wiping the mouth while eating.  They can be folded in a variety of styles, and are available in colors and Style batik to match any of other our products.


Table Runner Batik

A range of Table Runners, made from Batik.  A wonderful way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception is to choose your own fabric for table runners and napkins.

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Lotto fabric

Lotto fabric: the material is made from 100% polyester, thick with color dop, lottery material often used for T-Shirt Team Sports.

Colour  Sample

Fabric Lycra Colours

Lycra fabric

Lycra is the perfect fit for chair covers. This material processes a unique elasticity. It can extend 66% in size by external force and resumes original size without any deformity. Lycra is the most popular brand of the material spandex that is often used in exercise clothing, leggings, bathing suits and chair sash bands. Lycra is known for its elasticity and creating the new era of high quality materials.

Lycra is the perfect fit for chair covers & stretch to fit many different size and styles of chairs leaving no excess material dragging on the floor.

Fabric Lycra Colours

spandex lycra fabric 1spandex lycra fabric 2

spandex lycra fabric 3spandex lycra fabric 4

2011 trend : Chair Cover

Classic elegance is back in style for 2011.  If you prefer to keep the traditional head table around, you can do so in style by decorating it in a way that is stylish for 2011. Make a list of colors, motifs and styles that appeal to you and then, try to find a way to unify them.  Setting the table is a great place to start.

Why black and white?
“It’s fun, clean and contemporary, and It’s all about a stylized blast to the past, the return to high glamour. there’s no doubt that traditional colours will never go out of fashion.

Chair cover black and white is perfect.
Black covers can be perfect for everyday use. They do not allow dirt to be visible and they would also look elegant in a modernist home. White covers are perfect for wedding parties and other special occasions. They light up the function hall in ways you can never imagine, especially if they are given a twist of style by adding chair sashes.

Wedding chair covers can help create something memorable.

Table Skirting

Table skirting is a decorative way to hide table legs, by concealing what is underneath the table, they offer a simple storage solution.  a table skirt is a way to dress up a table.  Similar to tablecloths, they wrap around the edge of a table leaving the top uncovered. Chosen in a fabric to match existing décor, a table skirt adds style and function to a room.

The two most common types of table skirts are pleated and shirred. Our elegant and quality table skirting is perfect for all functions. The table skirting is a box pleat with a height of 75cm.  Our workmanship and services are well versed in the industry.

About Table Runners

Table runners linens just like all other table linens, tablecloths and place mats are varied, colorful, wonderful and spectacular.  Most people use table runners linens on special occasions, table runners are often thought of as stylish but unnecessary.

The table runner of today has evolved into a multi-featured, versatile accent for the home. Satin is often used for wedding table runners as it is an inexpensive material that can be found in countless colors. Satin and silk are frequently used for table runners linens, and while the most beautiful will be the silk runners, they are not really washable.

Chair Cover Supplier

We, provide chair cover product and the products related with Indonesia chair cover, Indonesia chair cover suppliers and Indonesia chair cover manufacturers.

We can make any chair cover follow customer’s original sample. What we can offer is covers that fit such chairs and you can transform any event or occasion from simple to spectacular.

At our company, quality is of utmost importance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when select us as your chair cover supplier. You can buy our products now by ordering online.

Our company is highly regarded as a Chair cover supplier that distributes and manufactures quality, affordable and custom made fabrics and table linens at practical rates. Our Chair cover supplier specializes in manufacturing decorating fabrics for tables and chairs. Our workmanship and services are well versed in the industry.

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Chair Covers

Our beautiful Lycra chair covers (Lotto chair covers) will immediately lift the over all feel of your function room. They make a bold statement and are suit most chair types. They are a must for any event or function. Chair covers are pieces of cloth that are tailored to dress-up a seat. They can come in a variety of colors and materials. But the most common would be plain black or plain white. That’s because those two colors make for a perfect canvass in case you want to accessorize a little more with a sash.

Duta Anugrah have been producing chair covers, sashes, overlay, table cloth.  Materials can be satin, organza, chameleon, poly/cotton damask, polyester damask, polyester twill, spandex fabric/lycra fabric.