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2011 trend : Chair Cover

Classic elegance is back in style for 2011.  If you prefer to keep the traditional head table around, you can do so in style by decorating it in a way that is stylish for 2011. Make a list of colors, motifs and styles that appeal to you and then, try to find a way to unify them.  Setting the table is a great place to start.

Why black and white?
“It’s fun, clean and contemporary, and It’s all about a stylized blast to the past, the return to high glamour. there’s no doubt that traditional colours will never go out of fashion.

Chair cover black and white is perfect.
Black covers can be perfect for everyday use. They do not allow dirt to be visible and they would also look elegant in a modernist home. White covers are perfect for wedding parties and other special occasions. They light up the function hall in ways you can never imagine, especially if they are given a twist of style by adding chair sashes.

Wedding chair covers can help create something memorable.

Chair Cover Supplier

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We can make any chair cover follow customer’s original sample. What we can offer is covers that fit such chairs and you can transform any event or occasion from simple to spectacular.

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Chair Covers

Our beautiful Lycra chair covers (Lotto chair covers) will immediately lift the over all feel of your function room. They make a bold statement and are suit most chair types. They are a must for any event or function. Chair covers are pieces of cloth that are tailored to dress-up a seat. They can come in a variety of colors and materials. But the most common would be plain black or plain white. That’s because those two colors make for a perfect canvass in case you want to accessorize a little more with a sash.

Duta Anugrah have been producing chair covers, sashes, overlay, table cloth.  Materials can be satin, organza, chameleon, poly/cotton damask, polyester damask, polyester twill, spandex fabric/lycra fabric.

Organza and sashes

Organza is a light, stiff, sheer fabric made of either man-made yarns like rayon or polyester, or of silk. Organza is a member of the “transparent” family of fabrics, a group that includes chiffon, gauze and handkerchief linen.

Lightweight but stiff, organza is a good fabric for hats or bridal gowns, Our beautiful organza sashes are usually tied into a bow around the back of the chair but can be knotted for a more relaxed look.

Uses : chair cover, wedding, parties, celebrations, graduations, or any special event.
How to Care : Hand wash only. Hang dry, don’t use dryer.

Beautiful organza sashes

Beautiful organza sashes, are usually tied into a bow around the back of the chair but can be knotted for a more relaxed look. Adding that final touch of sparkle, with an ever-increasing range of organza shades to choose from, we should be able to match most colour scheme requests from stock. Colours include white, ivory, gold, pink, lilac or burgundy.

If you have a question please feel free to contact us. Please Enjoy!
organza sashessashes in chair coversashes in chair black