Gong Xi Fa Cai or Happy Chinese New Year

The New Year’s festival is very important this year. Traditionally, the highlight of the ceremony will be a controlled firecracker detonation, a traditional Lunar New Year practice celebrated by Asians all over the world, who believe that the loud noise of the exploding firecrackers chases away the evil spirits so that people can begin the New Year with a clear slate.

These days for many young people, Chinese New Year is just about visiting relatives, collecting hongbao (gifts of money from elders) and eating a lot. Traditional red Hongbao envelopes, in which gifts of money is given to the young by the elders. Red color symbolizes good luck and wealth.

Chinese New Year falls on Monday, January 23, 2012. The Chinese New Year gets determined by the chinese new year calendar and therefore it is sometimes called the Lunar New Year. The Chinese Lunar Year Festival would start from January 23.

The Lunar New Year has traditionally been one of the most important holidays for the Chinese community.  During the Lunar New Year celebration, many of Chinatown’s restaurants and cafes will participate in a community-wide restaurant promotion featuring discount Lunar New Year lunches and dinners costing 50%.

Happy Lunar New Year to you as well.